All the functionality you need

Radium3 prides itself on providing simple tools that anyone can use. At the same time, we offer advanced functionality for users who like to go the extra mile.

Enjoy full HTML and CSS control

html editing

If you're a coder with HTML and/or CSS experience, you'll love Radium3. Our system works with web standards and offers full code access for those who want it. Our design manager allows you to edit the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files associated with your design, and our text editor offers a code view so you can edit or add HTML content directly in editable regions as well.

Work how you want with FTP access

ftp access

Most hosted CMS system don't allow FTP access, but Radium3 does. This gives you the ability to add, edit, and delete website files directly on the server through your favorite FTP clients. Need to upload a batch of images quickly? FTP is the fastest way to do so. Plus with FTP, you can work on your design files via your favorite application.

Optimize for search engines

Radium3 offers a host of features designed to let you optimize your site for search engines. You can customize your website's robots.txt file, add custom META keywords and descriptions for each page, redirect pages with our built-in 301 redirect manager, and much more. Plus, if you need help with search engine optimization, we have our own experts available to assist you.

search options