Thousands of church websites run on Radium3

By design, its versatile enough for all organizations, but Radium3 is particularly well-suited for church websites. We've created designs for thousands of church websites — from the largest mega church to the newest church plant — Radium3 supports the web design needs of every size of church.

Church events on the web

It's powerful church calendaring, simplified. Design one or multiple church calendars. Share them all to a single web calendar integrated into your web design. Best of all, outdated events are automatically removed keeping your church website up to date.

Business Tools

Awesome forms in minutes

Integrate web forms into your website designs. Contact forms, church surveys, registrations — you name it and you can design it on your website with our simple web form builder. You can even set up paid registrations, donations, and other types of e-commerce on your website.

Small Business Web Design

Integrated blogging

Design a blog, or several blogs, and communicate with your church. With Radium3, your blogs are integrated into your church website design rather than existing on separate websites.

Photo, audio, and video management

The simple design of our photo gallery tool makes it fast and easy to share photos anywhere on your church website. Plus, you can share audio and video content or even start a podcast.

Business Users

Shared workload

With multiple users and permissions, you can design a system that allows church staff members or even church volunteers to manage pieces of your website content.

Integrate with church management

Because of its open structure and use of web standards, Radium3 can easily integrate the web functionality provided by most any church management platform, allowing your church to bring content from your central database onto your site.

CCB Church Management software

Radium3 partners with and recommends Church Community Builder (CCB), the first-ever 100% web-based church management software. CCB offers churches a flexible and affordable way to manage every aspect of their operations. 

Every feature at every level

Many website systems price on features, but Radium3 designs its pricing around the size of your website. This means every feature is on every website plan. So, small church websites get the same, powerful website features for $29/mo that large church websites get on the $149/mo plan.

No worries about web hosting, servers, or downtime

You design the content on your church website and we'll take care of the rest. Your site and designs will be hosted at one of the largest data centers in the world. You don't have to mess with servers or databases; we keep everything up to date and running smoothly.

Get started today!

Our professional internet consultants will provide you with free consultation and a free quote tailored to your unique design needs. Contact us today.

We are the church web design experts

Professional designs are included free with Radium3. If you'd like your own unique web design, we have church website design packages for any budget.