Build a dynamic site with easy-to-use tools on our content management system

Static content is no longer enough. To really make an impact on the web, you need a living, breathing site that continually changes to reflect your business or organization. Our content management system, Radium3, allows you to control your own content with simple, web-based CMS tools so that you can interact with your website constantly without help from a "web guy."

You need tools that are powerful enough to meet your needs, yet simple enough to learn to use. Our online content management software system gives you easy access to your content and website. Edit your content online using our suite of easy-to-use, web-based CMS tools.

Easy to use WYSIWYG Editor

WYSIWYG editing

WYSIWYG stands for "what you see is what you get" and it's at the core of our CMS software philosophy. The web-based WYSIWYG makes content management and editing as simple as possible. Our WYSIWYG editor allows you to type and edit like you would when sending an email, without having to mess with the code behind your website. Get a good look at our online WYSIWYG editor in the video below.

Video WYSWYG Display

Online Calendar

Keep your online calendar up to date

If your organization holds events, an online calendar is essential to keeping your website current. Our elegant CMS calendar tool lets you add events as far as you want into the future and display them how you choose. Then, they are automatically removed when the event date passes so you'll never have out-of-date events displayed. You can even sync your web calendar with an external tool like Google Calendar if you wish.

Built in Blog and Blogging Tools

Communicate and interact with a blog

If you've never considered a blog for your organization, you should. Blogging is a great way to communicate and interact with your customers and potential customers as well. With the web-based blogging tools available on our content management software, your possibilities are endless. You can use it for news stories, articles, product pages, events, and more. 

With Radium3's integrated blogging tools, you've got everything you need to start a blog, or multiple blogs, right on your primary website. Use the content management system to write, edit, and display blog posts on multiple pages. Our web based tools also lets you schedule posts, manage existing posts, add tags, and edit comments. No matter what your purpose, the CMS gives you a number of options for your blog.

Much, much more ...

Many of our other web-based CMS tools are so great, they deserve pages of their own. Explore these additional pages to learn more about what our content management system can do for you, including building forms, adding media and photos, managing users, and other advanced tools available in Radium3.