Get feedback, interact, and even take online payments with our amazing form builder

What do you want people to do when they come to your website? Contact you? Buy a product? Make a donation? Register for an event? None of these is possible without online forms. Fortunately, Radium3 features an amazing form builder that opens up the potential of your website. Get a look at the form builder in the video below.

Online Forms

Easy Form Builder

Contact forms, event registrations, surveys, and more!

It's so quick and easy to set up forms, you'll likely want to use them throughout your site. Most every website needs a contact form, but what about other forms for event registrations or customer surveys? Forms can bring interest and interactivity to all areas of your site. 

Online Forms

Easily manage and export your entries

Our system can email you whenever someone submits your form. This makes it really easy to track and respond to submissions in your email box. Of course, the form also saves all of your entries in a database. You can edit them if you wish and even export them to familiar tools like Excel for offline reporting.

Accept Online Payments

Accept donations and sell products with built-in payments

Our form builder includes built-in payments. Assign a value to a form, and it will require a user to pay that amount when the form is submitted. It's perfect for paid registrations and product sales. You can even assign a value to individual items on the form. Checkout integrates with, PayPal, or Google Checkout, so you have lots of options.

Manage and edit your forms online

Go paperless!

Radium3 can even help you streamline your organization's internal processes. Do you still use paper forms for internal requests like vacation days or other systems? With Radium3, you can create hidden pages with forms that only your employees can access. Get rid of paper processes, and put your business online.