Rest easy with rock solid stability, security, and hosting

There are hundreds of companies offering hosting on the cheap, but as with anything, you get what you pay for. With Radium3, you not only get top-tier hosting included with every plan, you also get the full support of a solid, growing, debt-free company with a reputation of trust.

Top-tier cloud hosting included on every plan

cloud hosting

Don't pay extra for hosting! With Radium3, every plan comes standard with solid hosting in our top-tier data center facility. Our servers are located at the premier InfoMart Telecom data center in Dallas, Texas. This facility is the largest Internet hub in the southern United States featuring unparalleled redundancy and physical security. A few of its features include:

  • Three redundant electrical power grids
  • Battery backups, generators, and on-site fuel storage
  • Redundant HVAC cooling equipment
  • Physical security

Our content management system connects to the Internet via a set of redundant fiber-optic connections with a full Gbps of bandwidth available at all times. This situation ensures that our system is fully scalable to handle any bandwidth needs.

In addition, we take extra precautions against data loss by generating multiple backups of our entire system both locally and remotely to secure, off-site locations.

Bring on the traffic, our system can handle it

site host

Concerned that your site might get a spike in traffic that cripples the system? Don't be.

There are huge numbers of websites running on our system at any given time. A spike in traffic for your individual site, no matter how huge, is still small when compared to the amount of traffic we handle every day.

Our broadly-diversified, cloud hosting resources ensure that your site will receive the full benefit of whatever event is driving up its traffic.

Your site is monitored every day, all day


Our own server architecture includes automated monitors that check routers, switches, server load, memory usage, CPU activity, disk integrity, bandwidth, and scores of other system vitals every five seconds. In addition, our datacenter partners employ their own monitoring schemes as a redundant layer of protection to warn of any system troubles.

We also utilize external applications to continually ping Radium3 sites to ensure they remain online. Our in-house support team is on call 24 hours a day and will respond the moment any one of these layers of protection should sound an alarm. You can be sure that any issue will be addressed immediately. After all, we run our entire business including all of our company websites and all of our client websites on the system. We have a huge interest in the stability of the system, which is why we take such dramatic steps to protect it.

Since 1999, we've grown a reputation of trust

Element Fusion, the company behind Radium3, is a growing, debt-free web software company with a solid reputation. Our commitment to debt-free operations without the aid of outside funding can give you confidence that our company, like our products, is built to last. To learn more about our company and our commitment to our customers, see our company page.