How to make your site live using your domain name

All domain registrars use different wording or processes to accomplish the editing of your DNS.  The guide below is an overview of the process.  Please refer to your domain registrar's help manual for more detailed instructions.  

Here are links to the help files for accessing or changing your A records with a few of the major domain registrars:

Generic A record change instructions:

  1. Login to your domain registrar site (ex.-GoDaddy, Network Solutions,
  2. Choose the domain you would like to make the updates to.
  3. Look for a link to edit your DNS.
  4. Change both the www and non-www A record to  Do not touch any other records.
    • Note- You may need to approve these changes via email.
    • Note- This could take several hours before it populates around the internet.
  5. Click the Ok button.
  6. Login to your website.
  7. Under the "My websites" tab at the top. 

  8. Click on "Settings".

  9. Click the ADVANCED tab.

  10. Under Domains Names click Add a new domain.

  11. Type in your domain address without the www. and click the Save link.

  12. You will now see your domain name in the Domain Name list.
  13. Now, type in your domain address with the www, and click the Save link.

  14. Select what domain name you would like to be your main domain name that all sites would point to.  In the example below we chose to point everything to

    • Make sure you have your domain name with and without the www in front of it entered in your Domain Names list in order for it to work.
  15. Choose whether you would like the address to be indexed by search engines.  It is best if you click on it to remove the check from the box.

  16. Click the Update button.

Note: If you get an error like the error below when you go to visit one of your domains, you will need to double check to make sure you have the domain name correct in the Domain Name list.

If you are still having trouble with this we offer a service to do this for you all for $50.  Please contact and let us know you are requesting this service.  All usernames and passwords will be needed to accomplish this.