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  • New Mobile-Friendly Design: Slate

    We're excited to bring another fantastic, mobile-friendly, responsive design to the Radium3 platform. Slate is our newest addition and it's available at no cost inside your Radium3 account. Check out images and more details below.

    Slate is a beautifully intuitive template created over months of planning and design, with each element of the CMS handcrafted in its display. Slate features some stunning extras such as a highly-polished sidebar region on its homepage which can be used to create a sophisticated display of recent blog posts, upcoming calendar events, and more. As with all of our recent designs, Slate offers a fully responsive display that adapts to fit beautifully in browsers of any width, whether on desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. 

    We are sure that businesses, churches, and organizations of all types will find Slate a simple and smart tool for creating a refined website. To check it out, log in to your website and click "Design" on the top toolbar. Then click "Gallery" and look for Slate in the list of featured designs. It only takes a click to preview the design, apply it to your website, or even download the source code to modify on your own. Plus, as always, you can customize the design in the Radium3 Design Editor as well.

  • Four New Mobile-Friendly Designs

    We've added several brand-new designs to the Radium3 platform over the past couple of weeks. These designs are not only beautiful to look at, but they also utilize responsive design techniques, meaning they are created to work well on any device including desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and other tablets or mobile phones.

    As with all of our included designs, these responsive designs are free to use on the Radium3 platform. Simply visit the Design Center by clicking "Design" on the Radium3 toolbar. Then click on "Gallery" to access all of our included designs. Look for these four new designs, called Haus, Great-Air, Great-Goods, and Great-Scape. You can apply them to your website with a click!

    We hope you enjoy these new mobile-friendly designs. We've got several more designs scheduled to roll out in the coming months so stay tuned!

  • New Feature: Improved Page Bar with Design Editor Access

    Today, we're making an update to the Radium3 Page Bar which includes one click access to the Design Editor from any page on your site. Check out the details below.

    The New Page Bar

    The Page Bar is the small toolbar which is visible at the top right of your browser when you're editing a web page with Radium3. The Page Bar has been around since we launched the new user interface a while back, but today we're giving it an update.

    First off, the tools have been reordered. On the far left you will now see the Add Page icon. To the right of that you'll see the name of the template the current page is using and the opportunity to change that template. To the right of that you'll see the Preview icon then the Customize icon (this is the new one, see more below). And finally, at the far right, you'll see the Page Settings icon.

    The New Customize Icon

    The new addition to the Page Bar is the Customize icon, which looks like a paint brush. Clicking this icon launches the Design Editor with the current page's template automatically loaded up. This is a big shortcut that saves several clicks in the process of accessing the Design Editor from your pages.

    The Page Bar's Customize tool also shows up on dynamic pages like blog posts, calendar events, and product detail screens. For these pages, the Customize tool will launch the Design Editor and load up the template that is used to display the detail content for these dynamic pages. Please note that on dynamic pages, the Page Bar contains less options — only Preview and Customize are included at this time.

  • New Feature: Replace Background Images with the Design Editor

    Yesterday, we rolled out the last major piece of the our Design Editor — background image editing. We began phasing in the Design Editor a couple of months ago and this update marks the last phase of that rollout. For a refresher on the Design Editor itself, check out our previous announcement of the Design Editor.

    This update provides a new interface for changing and editing the background image used with your website design. Utilizing background images allows you to make dramatic changes to the look and feel of any site. This update truly opens up unlimited possibilities for customizing the hundreds of free, professional designs available within the Radium3 system.

    To access the Design Editor, simply click "Design" on the top toolbar, hover over the design you want to edit and select that design's settings icon. Choose "Customize" to launch the Design Editor. Under Base Styles on the left-hand control panel, click background image settings and you'll see the panel pictured below.

    Use the controls to upload your own image, establish if and how the image should repeat across the background, and set the positioning of the image.

    We're excited about the new background image editor and all the functionality of the Design Editor. With this rollout behind us, our development team is already making plans for a host of new features that we'll be rolling out this summer. Stay tuned!

  • New Feature: the Developer Role

    We've got another great new feature coming this week. The Developer Role will allow account owners to grant design-management capabilities to other users of their websites. This means you will be able to allow multiple staff members to have access to design controls.

    The role can only be assigned by account owners. To apply it, account owners may simply visit a user's profile and check the box next to "Developers" under the roles section.

    Account Owners see the option to assign users to the Developer Role on their profiles.

    Admin users will be able to see which users have the developer role, but will not be able to assign or unassign the role, unless they are the account owner.

    Administrators see if a user is assigned to the Developer Role, but they cannot change the setting.

    Enabling the Developer Role allows a user to see and select the "Design" section on the top toolbar and access the Collection of designs applied to their website as well as our Design Gallery of available free designs. They may also edit designs using the Design Editor (if the designs are enabled for editing) or using the Source Editor. They can upload new designs and they get FTP access to the "Templates" directory, which contains the source files for all designs in the website's collection.

    This new feature is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

  • Stunning New Design Section Coming to Radium3

    We're continuing the roll out of design changes we began last month with a complete overhaul of the Radium3 Design Section. This release presents a stunning user interface that makes managing your designs so much easier. The update paves the way for the new Developer Role (coming soon) which will permit account owners to allow users of their choosing to access the Design Section controls.

    Manage Designs With Fewer Clicks

    The new Design Section is an extension of the Radium3 top toolbar that allows you to access and modify design settings while still previewing your live site content below. It saves clicks when performing most every design-related task, and it makes previewing your site with new designs a breeze.

    Categorized Templates for Easy Access

    The Design Section will present all of our built-in templates organized neatly into categories. Choose a category and scroll through the visual options presented. Then use the simple menus on each design to download, apply, or edit through the new Design Editor.

    My Designs = Collection

    One important change you'll want to note is that what we have thus far referred to as "My Designs" will now be referred to as "Collection." So, look for your "Collection" in the new Design Section to locate all the designs you've previously applied to your website. Whenever you edit a design, even if that design is in the gallery, it will automatically be added to your Collection in the background.

    All the other functionality of the current Design Section is still intact and very intuitive to access. In fact, you'll be able to perform most if not all functions with fewer clicks than before.

    Scheduled for Launch

    This release is estimated to launch on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at approximately 10am CDT (GMT -5). Just as a reminder, only account owners are able to see the Design Section. In a future phase, we'll be rolling out the new Developer Role, which will allow you to grant access to the Design Section to users of websites under your account, if you so choose.

    We look forward to bringing you these exciting new updates, and many more to come!

  • A Closer Look at the New Design Editor

    Today, I want to take a closer look at the new Design Editor which we began rolling out last week. The Design Editor offers the opportunity to make changes to the design of your Radium3 website without editing any code. The Design Editor works out of the box with all of Radium3's built-in designs. If you have a customized design, you would need to have it enabled to work with the Design Editor. For more information about having the Design Editor enabled on a customized design, please contact your Radium3 account manager.

    One of Radium3's built-in designs loaded inside the new Design Editor. Click the image to view full size.

    Accessing the Design Editor

    If you'd like to try out the new design editor, you might want to create a new, free website under your account. This will allow you to work with the features of the Design Editor without affecting your live website. You can add a new website from the "Websites" screen under your account.

    Once you're logged into your website, you can access the Design Editor by selecting "Design" on the top toolbar and then selecting the "My Designs" tab. This will show you a list of all the designs enabled on your current website. Select a design and then select the "edit" button. This will load up the new Design Editor.

    Templates and Panels

    Once the Design Editor is up and running, take a look at the very top left. You'll see the name of your design and just below it, you'll see the name of the currently-selected template. Selecting the template name will open a drop-down list of all the templates that can be edited within your current design.

    Just below the template name, you'll see the name of the currently-selected panel. This will say something like "Base Styles," "Wrapper Styles," "Header Styles" ... etc. Selecting this will open a drop down of all the available panels for the currently-selected template (see image to the right). A panel is basically a set of controls that are assigned to a particular area of your template. For example, the "Nav Styles" panel presents a set of controls that adjust the design of the site's navigation. Each template may present a different list of available panels. This is because the designer of the template can determine what areas of the site are able to be controlled by the Design Editor.

    Global vs. Template-Specific Panels

    The Base Styles panel and the Nav Styles panel will make global changes to your design. Edits made on these two panels will be reflected across every template in your design. 

    On the other hand, all other panels make template-specific changes. This means, for example, that you can adjust the sidebar or the header uniquely on each individual template in the design. Or, you can set them all the same. The choice is yours.

    More to Come

    We'll be continuing to roll out improvements to the Design Editor over the next few weeks. For now, we just wanted to give you this overview so that you can explore the Design Editor on your own. Enjoy the new features!

  • Introducing the New Design Editor

    Today, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking new addition to Radium3 — the new Design Editor. This new feature gives you the opportunity to customize any of Radium3's built in designs with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing tool that anyone can use.

    Radium3 has always offered world-class, built-in designs at no cost, but those designs have required changes to their code in order to modify things like background colors, font styles ... etc. throughout the design. Now, with the new Design Editor, anyone can customize the foundation of these designs without touching the code. This opens up a new world of possibilities for anyone using Radium3's built-in templates.

    The image below gives you a look at one of the editing panes in the new design editor alongside the preview of the design being edited.

    Click the image above to view actual size.

    The new Design Editor allows you to customize font styles, colors, background images and much more. Every change that is made is previewed in the Design Editor in real time and, when finished, you can publish the changes live or save your work to return later. It's incredibly easy to use, even for web novices!

    Rolling Out Over the Next Few Weeks

    The new Design Editor will roll out in phases over the next few weeks. The first phase of the upgrade is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 1st. This initial phase will include the basic Design Editor and additional phases will add more features to the editor over the following weeks. Radium3 account owners will be able to access the design editor under the "Design" option on the top toolbar. We will keep you informed of more details regarding the roll out on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

    We look forward to bringing you these exciting new features! Thanks for your continued support of Radium3.

  • Eight New, Free Designs Available On Radium3

    In case you didn't know, there are a ton of free designs available inside your Radium3 account. Each of these designs can be applied to your website with a click. There's absolutely no cost to use them. You can also choose to use them as the foundation for some of Radium3's professional design services. To see all of the available designs, check out the Radium3 Design Viewer.

    Today, we've added eight more designs to the mix and they are all ready to go inside your Radium3 account. You can see a screen shot of these designs below. Take a look at what's new.

    Shark Architects

    Life Fellowship

    Big Lake

    Second Street

    RSA Accounting

    Lone Cross

    AES Architecture

    Venture Church

  • Radium3 expresses love creatively in designing website for Arts Aftercare

    Last year, our parent company, Element Fusion, gave away several websites to several non-profit organizations. We donated our own custom design services as a well as a year of hosting on the CMS platform. One of those websites launched recently and is now up and running. We are very excited about the end result and wanted to share it here. Plus, this is a great organization we think everyone should know about. You can see a screen shot of the new design below and visit the website to find out more about Arts Aftercare.

    Who wouldn't want to participate with an organization whose mission is to bring"Beauty and Healing through the arts" to the victims of human trafficking?


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