New Feature: Blog Pings

A new enhancement to the Radium3 blog element went live today. Blog pings are now built into the system and can be set up to automatically ping a pre-defined list of popular services or a custom list of your own services.

New Ping URLs section from the advanced tab of a blog element's settings.

"Hold on a second!" you may be saying. "What is all this ping business?"

Pings are simply a method many blog platforms use to automatically notify other websites that content on a blog has been added or changed. Pinging can help with getting your content indexed by certain sites in a timely manner. Though pings have many purposes for advanced users, we've kept things simple by setting up a list of the most common pings for you. You can enable this pre-defined list of pings by checking a single checkbox (see the image above). We highly recommend that you at least enable these common pings on your Radium3 blog elements.

To enable our pre-defined list of pings, simply log into your site and access the settings for your blog element. Click the advanced tab and look for the "Ping URLs" section. Check the box next to "Ping the most common blog search services" then save your settings and you're done!

If you have additional websites you would like to ping, you can add those as well by entering them in the "Additional ping services" section. You can add them one at a time or copy/paste an entire list of URLs into the box.

Please note that you will need to manually enable blog pings for any existing blog elements on your sites. Moving forward, however, we will activate our most common blog pings setting by default on any new blog elements you create.

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