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  • New Magic Drop Technology

    Everyone loves magic, and we've got a new trick of our own to share with you today. We're calling it Magic Drop Technology and it's live and running on your Radium3 website right now. Drop Files.

  • New! Disqus Comments Integration

    Another big boost for the Radium3 blog element went live today. We've added built-in integration with Disqus, the world's leading commenting and discussion platform. Simply check a box on your Radium3 blog element settings, enter your Disqus ID and Radium3 will replace its built-in commenting system with the Disqus system.

  • Powerful Image Editing and Effects

    We've got an amazing new addition that we know you're going to love. Introducing powerful new image editing and effects built right into the Radium3 Image Element. Check out the details below.

  • New Responsive Designs and More

    This week, we're adding two new mobile-friendly, responsive designs to the Radium3 platform plus a nice little feature on the Radium3 store. Check out the designs and the details below. Two New Designs Spread and Vanity are the names of two new designs now available inside your Radium3 account (see screenshots above).

  • The New Image Element

    Properly displaying images on your website can be a challenge. Radium3 has worked hard to make this task as simple as possible. But with websites being viewed on mobile phones and other devices, including high-resolution retina displays, the challenge becomes even greater.

  • New Features: Hotkeys, Open Graph

    Over the last few days, we've rolled out a couple of new features on the Radium3 platform. Check out all the details below. The ESC Hotkey Radium3's first Hotkey went live last week.

  • New Feature: Blog Pingbacks

    We've got another great new feature to tell you about. Blog Pingbacks launched this morning on the Radium3 platform. Existing blog elements will have Pingbacks disabled by default so if you want to use them, you'll need to manually enable them (more on this below).

  • New Feature: Enhanced Mobile Support for Photo Galleries

    Today, we're announcing another fantastic new feature on the Radium3 platform — enhanced mobile support for photo galleries. Viewing photo galleries on your mobile device or computer has never been better! What's New? Photo galleries and product detail pages now support an upgraded lightbox overlay experience.

  • New Feature: Improved Page Bar with Design Editor Access

    Today, we're making an update to the Radium3 Page Bar which includes one click access to the Design Editor from any page on your site. Check out the details below. The New Page Bar The Page Bar is the small toolbar which is visible at the top right of your browser when you're editing a web page with Radium3.

  • New Feature: More Ways to Display Product Options

    Radium3's built-in store functionality got a new feature today — new, improved ways to display your product options. Previously, all product options were combined into a single dropdown list on a product's detail page. So, if you had a shirt that came in three colors and each color had four sizes, customers had to select from a single dropdown menu displaying every possible variant of that product.

  • New Feature: Blog Pings

    A new enhancement to the Radium3 blog element went live today. Blog pings are now built into the system and can be set up to automatically ping a pre-defined list of popular services or a custom list of your own services. New Ping URLs section from the advanced tab of a blog element's settings.

  • New Feature: Replace Background Images with the Design Editor

    Yesterday, we rolled out the last major piece of the our Design Editor — background image editing. We began phasing in the Design Editor a couple of months ago and this update marks the last phase of that rollout. For a refresher on the Design Editor itself, check out our previous announcement of the Design Editor.

  • New Feature: the Developer Role

    We've got another great new feature coming this week. The Developer Role will allow account owners to grant design-management capabilities to other users of their websites. This means you will be able to allow multiple staff members to have access to design controls.

  • Stunning New Design Section Coming to Radium3

    We're continuing the roll out of design changes we began last month with a complete overhaul of the Radium3 Design Section. This release presents a stunning user interface that makes managing your designs so much easier. The update paves the way for the new Developer Role (coming soon) which will permit account owners to allow users of their choosing to access the Design Section controls.

  • New Feature: The Store Manager Role

    We've got a new feature coming to the Radium3 platform. It's called the Store Manager role and it will allow you to grant store management capabilities to non-admin users on any website. Previously, users could not access the store management pages or manage product listings unless they were given the Administrator role, which gave them access to the entire website.

  • A Closer Look at the New Design Editor

    Today, I want to take a closer look at the new Design Editor which we began rolling out last week. The Design Editor offers the opportunity to make changes to the design of your Radium3 website without editing any code. The Design Editor works out of the box with all of Radium3's built-in designs.

  • Introducing the New Design Editor

    Today, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking new addition to Radium3 — the new Design Editor. This new feature gives you the opportunity to customize any of Radium3's built in designs with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing tool that anyone can use. Radium3 has always offered world-class, built-in designs at no cost, but those designs have required changes to their code in order to modify things like background colors, font styles ...

  • New Toolbar Interface Coming to Radium3

    We're very excited to announce that we'll be rolling out a new toolbar interface on the Radium3 platform next week. We know you are going to love this upgrade. The new toolbar makes a big improvement to the system. It's also a very noticeable visual change so we wanted to give you a heads up about what's coming.

  • New, More Powerful Image Editor

    We rolled a big improvement out the door and down the steps today, one that's been in the testing bay for a couple months. Wide Open Canvas The image editor is the most apparent improvement you'll see when you interact with the text editor.  You'll be welcomed with a larger, cleaner canvas to work on when you click the "Image Editor" icon.

  • Radium3 Adds Support for PayPal Express Checkout

    We're excited to announce yet another payment option for those who run online stores with Radium3. PayPal Express Checkout can now be enabled alongside PayPal Website Payments Pro. Enabling Express Checkout with your Payments Pro integration means that your customers will be given a choice to "Check out with PayPal" or to check out using the built-in payment process.

  • New Feature: Archive Blog Posts By Year

    Today, we released the "Archive By Year" blog skin. We've had our "Archive By Month" blog skin for awhile, but for blogs that may not post as frequently, dividing posts up into months isn't always ideal. Now you have the option to provide an archive by year instead.

  • New Feature: Carrier-Calculated Shipping

    We've released an exciting new feature to Radium3's built-in e-commerce solution. We know you're going to love it. We wanted to take a minute to give you the details.

  • New! Improved Comment Moderation and Spam Filtering

    We released a big improvement to the Radium3 system today. This upgrade is an all-out assault on spam comments. Along with the spam filtering, we've improved the moderation tools available for blog comments in general.

  • New Store Feature: Discount Codes

    Today we're releasing a major new addition to the Radium3 Store -- Discount Codes! This feature is already live and running inside your Radium3 website. To set up discount codes, log in to your site and click Store on the top toolbar, then select Settings -> Discount Codes.

  • We've Improved Our Shipping and Taxes Screens

    Yesterday we launched several key improvements to our online store functionality. The main goal was to make several parts of the tax and shipping setup faster and more intuitive. Before the update, we felt that the system in place wasn't as easy to use as it could be.

  • The Online Store is Here

    The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived — your complete, fully-integrated online store is here! And while that development alone is huge, there's even more on the way. Allow us to take a momemt to go over some of the great things we've released and what we're planning for the future.

  • Coming Soon: the Online Store

    If we seem a little excited about the news in this post, that's because we are. We're about to roll out the largest upgrade in the history of Radium3. This is the culmination of years of planning and months of careful development.

  • New feature: set a page as hidden when you create it

    A new feature rolled out the door with this week's updates. It's actually a frequently-requested feature, and we're happy to be bringing it to you. Now, when you add a new page, you can set the page as hidden right on the "Add a new page" screen.

  • New features: several upgrades and visual enhancements

    This week's system upgrades bring a couple of visual enhancements we wanted to draw your attention to. First off, the Page Manager tool has received a face lift. The new look of the page management tree is more pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate.

  • New features: improved insert media tool and more

    Today's regular weekly update included a few handy new features. Take a look below at what's new. Improved insert media tool automatically embeds all types of content from across the web We've updated what we formerly termed the "insert video" tool in the WYSIWYG editor with more functionality.

  • New feature: date and time format selection coming next week

    Next week, we'll be launching one of the most requested features, which is also of particular help to our international customers. We'll be adding the ability for you to set the format for dates and times used in system-generated content across your website. As a part of this release, we'll be standardizing the format of date and time strings as well.
  • New feature: easily add Google Analytics to your site

    If you want to track your website's statistics using a service like Google Analytics, you're required to insert the code snippet provided by Google into the header of every page on your site. This can be both confusing and somewhat time consuming. That's why we've just added new functionality that lets you easily paste Google Analytics code into the header of every page on your website with one simple step.
  • New features: blog post auto-summary and more

  • New feature: add users from other websites under your account

  • New feature: Drag and drop to photo gallery and more

  • New feature: content now editable on mobile touch devices

  • Recent system update enables touch devices to use element menus