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  • New Feature: More Ways to Display Product Options

    Radium3's built-in store functionality got a new feature today — new, improved ways to display your product options. Previously, all product options were combined into a single dropdown list on a product's detail page. So, if you had a shirt that came in three colors and each color had four sizes, customers had to select from a single dropdown menu displaying every possible variant of that product.

  • New Feature: The Store Manager Role

    We've got a new feature coming to the Radium3 platform. It's called the Store Manager role and it will allow you to grant store management capabilities to non-admin users on any website. Previously, users could not access the store management pages or manage product listings unless they were given the Administrator role, which gave them access to the entire website.

  • Radium3 Adds Support for PayPal Express Checkout

    We're excited to announce yet another payment option for those who run online stores with Radium3. PayPal Express Checkout can now be enabled alongside PayPal Website Payments Pro. Enabling Express Checkout with your Payments Pro integration means that your customers will be given a choice to "Check out with PayPal" or to check out using the built-in payment process.

  • Radium3 Adds Support for PayPal Website Payments Pro

    Another addition to our list of supported payment processors went live this week. Now you can accept credit card payments through your Radium3 store via PayPal's Website Payments Pro.  Pro vs. Standard We've always had support for PayPal's Website Payments Standard, so what's the difference with Pro?

  • We've Added Two New Payment Processors: Stripe and Payflow

    The built-in Radium3 store solution just got even better. We've added two new payment processors, giving you even more options when it comes to how you receive payments through your store. Take a look at what's new below.

  • New Feature: Carrier-Calculated Shipping

    We've released an exciting new feature to Radium3's built-in e-commerce solution. We know you're going to love it. We wanted to take a minute to give you the details.

  • New Demo Video for the Online Store

    We've released a new demo video that provides a quick overview of the Radium3 Online Store. This video is featured on our video page along with our other videos, but we thought you might enjoy a look at it here. See the video below:

  • New Store Feature: Discount Codes

    Today we're releasing a major new addition to the Radium3 Store -- Discount Codes! This feature is already live and running inside your Radium3 website. To set up discount codes, log in to your site and click Store on the top toolbar, then select Settings -> Discount Codes.

  • New Designs. New Design Viewer.

    While developing our online store, we also developed some great free designs that are specifically intended for Ecommerce. These designs have: Layouts built specifically with an online store in mind Product detail pages for customized product display Interactive shopping cart functionality embedded in every page (to provide the user feedback on what's in their cart). In addition, we've rolled out a new design viewer which makes it easier than ever to get a look at all of the free designs built i...

  • The Online Store is Here

    The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived — your complete, fully-integrated online store is here! And while that development alone is huge, there's even more on the way. Allow us to take a momemt to go over some of the great things we've released and what we're planning for the future.