Is your website generating results?

Search Engine Marketing CMS

Our included internet marketing tools in Radium3 help maintain your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Radium3 will improve your brand awareness and visibility, drive qualified leads to your site, and most importantly, increase profitability.

Search engine tools are included FREE on all plans

Marketing results start with how your site is built for search engines.  We created Radium3 to be one of the most powerful content management platforms for search engine marketers.  The following features are included with all website plans at no extra cost:

  • Friendly URLs - use keywords in your URLs instead of /?pageID=2342352

  • 301 redirects - create custom URL shortcuts and maintain rank while moving pages

  • XML sitemaps - allow search engines to easily find every page on your site

  • Friendly sitemaps - dynamic creation for on-site linkage to all pages on your site

  • Custom robots.txt - control pages that search engines find and restrict access to certain content

  • Custom META tags - edit the META tag data for each individual page

  • Custom, static page URLs & titles - always use your most important keywords where you need them

  • Scripts and analytics - add Google Analytics, stat packages, heat maps, and other 3rd party scripts

  • Enterprise cloud hosting - redundant backups, caching, load-balancing for fast and secure websites

  • Full HTML/CSS access - you have complete control over every aspect of the site

  • Integrated Analytics - quick and easy stats and drop in Google Analytics support