The Online Store Made Easy

Radium3 revolutionizes the website experience by combining CMS features and a complete online store in a single platform. Radium3 users are able to provide a complete shopping cart and check out experience to their customers while creating products, managing orders, tracking inventory and more with amazingly easy-to-use tools.

Shopping Cart Software

Online Store Product

Forget Dashboards, Add Products Right on Your Pages

Radium3's revolutionary user interface allows you to add products right to your pages. There's no complex dashboard to navigate. Simply browse through your site, find a place to list your product, and click to add your product listing. It's that easy.

Configure Products with Robust Yet Easy-to-Use Settings

Don't let the ease-of-use fool you. Radium3 lets you configure your products with all the settings you need. We just do it in a way that's much easier to understand than other systems. Through our simple product interface, you'll be able to:

  • Add product information
  • Upload product images
  • Set product options
  • Create product variants
  • Set product weight (for shipping)
  • Add product tags
  • Set pricing
  • And more
inventory tracking

Automatically Track Product Inventory and Backorders

If you choose, you can have Radium3 track the inventory of your product and automatically stop selling when a product is sold out. Optionally, you can allow the store to sell back ordered products if you wish.

Shopping Cart

Polished, Secure Shopping Cart and Check Out

Your customers will have confidence in your business when they experience the polished, secure check out experience Radium3 provides. The shopping cart and checkout processes are intuitive, well-designed, and work flawlessly to ensure your customers feel secure in doing business with you.

Store Management

Manage Orders and Communicate with Customers

After the sale, Radium3 helps you fulfill your orders and communicate with your customers through its lightning-fast administration screens. Search, find, fulfill, cancel and refund orders all from our simple orders screen. Our customers screen lets you find customers, add notes, and even export customer email addresses to assist in your ongoing marketing efforts.

Beautifully Styled by Default and Fully Customizable by You

As with all Radium3 tools, we provide default styling that works within the context of your chosen design template or custom design. This means that no matter the design you use, your store and all of its functionality will always look good. Advanced users can also override our styles with their own styles to create an even more customized store experience.