Control access with multiple users and advanced permissions

Maintaining a dynamic website is easier when you have multiple contributors. Radium3 offers enterprise-level permission settings so you can allow different people to manage different areas of your site. You can even create company intranets for sharing internal information as well.

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Control who can edit what

Every bit of content on your site, from pages all the way down to individual elements, can be made editable to specific users. This allows you to precisely control who can edit your content and to restrict access only to certain elements if you wish. 

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Control who can view what

By default, content on your website is visible to everyone. But you can change this and make entire pages, or even individual elements, only visible to the users you choose. Maybe you want to allow only certain customers access to specific content. Or, maybe you want to have content that's only accessible by your employees. Radium3 has the flexibility to meet these advanced permission needs.

user permission

Group your permissions into roles

To make things easier, you can group your permissions into roles. For example, you might have a role of "employee" that gives permission to access certain content across the site. Then, simply adding a user to the "employee" role grants them those permissions with a single click.

Create intranets for sharing internal information with your team

With these enterprise-level permission features, Radium3 is an ideal solution for company intranets. You can store confidential internal documents and information on protected pages that only your employees or selected employees can access. Keep request forms and other internal communications online. Radium3 not only helps you manage a public website, but it also offers you the opportunity to streamline your business as well.